“The Truth About VD”

Although I could go into a long and lengthy discussion about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, I will refrain. Instead, I choose to focus on Veteran’s Day and what it means. Veteran’s Day is the day Americans commemorate the first day of the end of WWI. It is a day to pay tribute to all American veterans, living or dead, and a day to give thanks to living vets who served their country during war or peacetime.

These brave vets fought for our country, our freedoms, and our rights. Because of their service, we are all able to pursue our own dreams and live as we wish, not how it is dictated to us. We have the freedom to choose our own religion, where we go to school and what we study, our own style, and who we choose to spend our lives with. We all owe a debt to these brave men and women who fought to preserve our freedoms.

As you sit back in your comfortable warm home, with food on the table, surrounded by your loved ones, take a few minutes to remember. Remember their sacrifices – when they were far from home, a cold trench in the ground as their shelter, no food in their mouths, no table on which to eat it, surrounded by enemies and death, thousands of miles from their loved ones. They did it willingly and with pride. They did it with no reservations, purely selfless acts, with many of them paying the ultimate price. They did it for us.

Please honor them on this day and every day as you enjoy the freedoms they have allowed us to have. Honor them with your pledge to spread diversity.

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