Think before you speak. It sounds simple enough, but it is surprisingly hard. In today’s society, we are hard-wired to “snap back”, or try to “one up” everyone, and this mindset often makes its ugly appearance in conversation.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using hurtful words that have become a version of slang in our generation. I hear words such as, “gay”, “retard”, “gimp”, and, “nigga” used every day, and I think, does this person really know how disrespectful and hurtful these words are? Does this person really feel that way about someone, and are they meaning it to be derogatory, or are they simply not thinking before they speak? Do they think they’re being “cool” or “hip”, or trying to gain respect in their friends’ eyes by throwing around these words? Even worse is when these words are used by people who are supposed to be authority figures, and their words fall on impressionable, always listening ears.

It’s careless. It’s rude. It’s hurtful. Sadly, it’s very much common-place. We all need to think before we speak. Stop using these derogatory words. They’re not funny or cool. They’re insensitive, and regardless what context the words are used, they are perpetuating a problem that we are all capable of curbing.

Think before you speak.

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