Inspire. You can be an inspiration to others, and you can make a difference. Recently, someone told me that personal posts I had made on Facebook inspired him to come out as a gay man. I made a difference in someone’s life…I inspired him. How amazing to know that I had, just by sharing my beliefs, given someone the courage to take such an important life-changing step. This event was an epiphany, and was one in a series of instances that cemented in me the desire to become more involved. I was able to make a difference, and that is a powerful feeling.

I am not unique. Everyone has the ability to inspire. Your show of support and your willingness to stand up for what is right, CAN and WILL result in positive change. Speak what you feel, and feel what you speak. Then, stand by it. Defend it. You will soon see that tenacity rub off onto others, and you too, will be an inspiration.

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